About the Book

Dedicated to the memory of Sergeant David Smith and Staff Sergeant John “Jock” McKelvie.

Published by The Ayrshire (ECO) Yeomanry Trust, a charity, which holds the copyright.

This book covers all the various changes which have taken place since the Ayrshire Yeomanry Regiment was disbanded and became a Squadron which carries on the proud tradition of the Ayrshire Yeomanry Regiment, founded over 200 years ago, having fought in the Boer War as well as both World Wars. The Squadron was formed as a Squadron of The Queen’s Own Yeomanry and after some 20 years left to become a Squadron of the Scottish Yeomanry when it was formed. After some 7 years, The Scottish Yeomanry was disbanded, but The Ayrshire Yeomanry Squadron survived and returned once more to The Queen’s Own Yeomanry. Only 5 years ago, it left The Queen’s Own Yeomanry to become a Squadron of the newly formed Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry.

For those involved in the Squadron it a must, but for those curious about what has gone on in the Ayrshire Yeomanry, it is an interesting read as part of local history.

We’ve reinvaded Germany

In search of greater glory

We’ve fought in bars in Paderborn

But that’s another story.

On exercise we’ve cuffed Belgiques

And German bridges blown

The EEC means little to

The Earl of Carrick’s Own